Expert & Impartial Mortgage Advice

A Mortgage broker is an independent and impartial mortgage professional who's role it is to ensure (the client) is aligned with the right mortgage to suite your needs.

With access to the markets leading banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, trust companies and alternative financing options, you can be sure there is a mortgage tailored just for you. Mortgage brokers represents you, not the bank.


To the first time home buyer, the entire process is often overwhelming. 

After all, buying your first home is likely the largest financial obligation you'll make in your life. It is imperative that in your corner you have 'your team' of professionals. You should not compromise on the quality and knowledge you have on your side. Your team of experts must include a professional mortgage broker.

Your Right Path Mortgage Broker will ensure that from the time of your initial conversation, your goals are discussed and established. You will be properly pre-approved before you get out there and make offers on properties. There is a great difference between being "pre-qualified" in 5 minutes via an app or online form, vs being fully pre-approved.  This involves taking into consideration, your full and clear financial situation (income, credit, assets, liabilities) as well as ensuring any/all obstacles are uncovered and addressed at this point. This ensures that at the time you are negotiating on a home, knowing your financing has been fully addressed,  you have the confidence in knowing you can go firm if necessary.

In getting pre-approved you are also ensuring that you have today's low mortgage rates secured for you for up to 120 days. This protects you in the event that mortgage rates are higher when you do find the right house.

Pre-qualifying  is at absolutely no cost to you. The benefit in having a consultation with a Right Path Mortgage Professional before going house hunting is invaluable, so call us today!


Is your current mortgage approaching its maturity date? 

Your existing lender will often send you a renewal notice up to 6 months before the maturity date on your mortgage, along with terms and rates to choose from for another term. 

There is no reason to select any of these options without knowing what other terms and rates are available from other lenders. 

Call a Right Path Mortgage Professional before committing to your bank 


If you are self-employed you may find challenges in finding a competitive mortgage to meet your goals. It does not always have to be that way. It's important to know what options are available when verifying your income is not as easy as somebody who is on a salary. Give us a call to discuss what is involved and how we can help you find the right mortgage. 


Income producing properties have proven to be among the best investments available. 

Many lenders offer different types of financing for income-producing properties. 

Know all your options to find out what makes sense for you. 


Credit history is important when in comes to borrowing. In some cases, circumstances may have caused your credit score to be negatively affected and may have caused your bank to turn you down. 

There are many mortgage options available for those with bruised credit. We can help you get a mortgage despite your brusied credit, while helping you repair your credit and ultimately get you back on track, the whole while owning a home. 


Your financial situation when you first started your mortgage will not be the same in the years that follow. Life Happens. Whether its because your family has grown, family income is reduced , you've renovated, need to purchase a new vehicle.. Debts accumulate.  In many cases, the best solution is to consolidate your debts in the equity you've accumulated in your house. This may benefit you from an interest savings perspective ( most credit cards and credit lines are up to 3-4 times higher than mortgage rates) but also from a cash flow perspective. There is nothing wrong with consolidating your debts into one payment vs having multiple payments to multiple sources. You will find yourself with more accessible money every month 


Welcome to Canada!

Many banks and mortgage companies offer various types of financing solutions for newcomers looking to buy there first home in Canada.

We'll be happy to go through the process with you.